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Bosch Zündmodul IM3.2

Artikel-Nr.: 0 227 100 203

- Max. 3 cylinders
- 47 g
- Fits to all ECUs without internal ignition power
stage like MS 6
- Especially adapted for Coils P50(-M) and P65

126,74 €(MwSt. Inkl.)
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This module is an external ignition power stage capable
of supplying up to four non-transistorized ignition coils.

The IM input signal should be supplied by an ECU with
ignition signal outputs in the range of 10 to 20 mA, e.g.
MS 6.

The IM unit combines the robustness of a high quality
production part with good electrical performance to
provide an ideal solution for adapting non-transistorized
coils to an ECU without internal ignition driver
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